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About Us

looking at the sky

We are a friendly, relaxed, group of people sharing a common interest in all things astronomical.

Our membership ranges from complete beginners to those experienced in observing and the more technical aspects e.g. astrophotography.

We usually meet on the first and third Thursdays of the month during the winter and third Thursday only in the summer. The meetings start at 7:30pm. More...

Past Event
Stargazing live


In association with the BBC, Stargazing Live at St.Columb Major Academy.


Where to find us

All regular club meetings are held at the St. Columb Major Academy, Cornwall.


Public Events in Cornwall
star party

Throughout the year, Kernow Astronomers put on a number of events for the public.

Click the banner  to read about one held in conjuction with the National Trust last year.

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Next Meeting

Galaxy formation

Thursday April 6th

A talk by astronomy author James Geach entitled "Galaxy formation: a 14 billion year story"